Rakes, Combs and more!


Our tools were several years and multiple prototypes in the making.

Through that process, we’ve found that rakes with either too many pins and/or pins spaced too close together readily become stuck in the hair making combing very difficult.

The resulting products have pins of optimal length, gauge and spacing to keep a long haired dog from becoming matted!

Briards and beyond!

About Us

At Four Core Technologies, we’re constantly searching for creative solutions to everyday challenges!

We own two Briards (pictured below) and always kept them mat free with a single weekly combing but then, our old, trusted, yet somewhat uncomfortable rake lost too many of its pins!

We did what anyone else would and searched the market for a suitable replacement, but when we found nothing comparable, we designed our own, even more ergonomic model and Shaggy Dog Products was born!

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